Love Canal

The Superfund was created because of the Love Canal and other events that occurred. However it had a major impact on the Love Canal event. This happened in Niagara Falls, New York. A place by the name of Hooker Chemicals buried 21,000 tons of toxic waste beneath the neighborhood. However Hooker Chemicals then sold this site to the Niagara Falls School Board for just one dollar because they knew what they've done. People then started to notice something was obviously wrong because their kids were getting sick and a good number of them were being born with birth defects. People didn't know what to do when they started noticing these things but they knew they had to do something. The Homeowners Association demanded money to be able to help them leave and so they could live better lives and be safe. They didn't want to continue living in a place that was harmful to their lives and the people around them. However Hooker stated that the area should be sealed off "so as to prevent the possibility of persons or animals coming in contact with the dumped materials," after they signed the contract over to the school board.

The 21,000 tons of waste obviously ruined the environment and was very harmful to the health of people. The ground wasn't stable to build new buildings and such so they didn't know what to do.

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