Al Gore and Global Warming


Brief Bio:
Al Gore was the son of a senator and graduate of Harvard University, therefore well adjusted to the elite lifestyle of those in Washington. To the contrary, Gore spent spare time and summers working on a family farm in Tennessee. He had been in contact with many walks of life and understood the great division of social classes. Ironically, when Gore entered a career in politics, his initial weakness was connecting with voters. He understood them, but they did not understand him. Remarkably Gore overcame this weakness and managed to procure a seat as a senator. From this position in congress he was eventually elected vice-president. At one point Gore's father told him, "I want to see you elected president before I die." He was never the nations first man, yet. However, Al Gore has greatly impacted the world views of people across the globe. Al Gore changed environmental awareness forever.


Al Gore's largest contribution toward the modern environmental movement was his bringing of further awareness to the already well established concept of Global Warming. He did so through his writing of books, The Assault on Reason and Earth in the Balance. As well he produced a documentary style presentation known as An Inconvenient Truth. Gore wanted to warn the public of the dangerous affects of chemicals such as CFC's on the environment as a result of O-zone layer depletion. Continued on he discussed how this form of pollution would vicariously affect the seasons and disrupt global weather patterns. Gore even went as far as to suggest that several cities around the world would be submerged due to melting of polar ice caps. Much of his push to bring awareness to the theory of Global Warming was pushed aside as merely a scare tactic and a way to bring opposition towards his current presidential running mates. Today we know that these writings have made a remarkable impact and reshaped the mentality of many Americans as well as citizens of the world. Even being as highly contested as they are, his viewpoints and opinions have made people wonder: is our Earth really hanging in the balance?

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