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Alice Hamilton was born in 1869 in New York city, New York. She spent many years of her life teaching at Harvard University, after earning her doctor of medicine degree from the University of Michigan she continued to study pathology and bacteriology.

Alice became interested in occupational injuries and illnesses since the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century had led to increasing dangers in the workplace. While in Europe Alice began researching literature from abroad and found that Industrial Medicine wasn't being studied much in America. In 1908 she published her first article, with the inclination of changing this in America. She was then appointed to the Occupational Disease Commission where she focused her explorations on occupational toxic disorders. She pioneered occupational epidemiology and industrial hygiene in the United States. Her findings were scientifically persuasive and influenced reforms to improve the health of workers. She had an active concern for international affairs which lead her to become a member of the League of Nations Health Committee. Alice lived to the tender age of 101, advocating peace throughout her lifetime.

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