Edward Abbey

A). Edward Abbey was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1927. His love for wild love started when he was a small boy, growing up in the Appalachian mountains. His love grew even larger after he was drafted into the United States Military in 1945, just eight months before he turned 18. He was fascinated by the desert areas in the Four Corners region. After being honorably discharged from the service, Edward worked as a seasonal ranger for the United States National Park Service at Arches National Park. In 1968, he published on of his most famous pieces of literature, Desert Solitaire. In Desert Solitaire, Abbey wrote about the physical characteristics of the Southern Utah landscape, using the knowledge he gained from his job as a park ranger in this area. He uncovered various environmental issues in the area, in an attempt to wake people up and show them what is really going on in these parks. When he wrote, Edward Abbey focused on accuracy, exposure, and his ability to intrigue the reader. Edward Abbey died on March 14, 1989, at the age of 62.

B). When Edward Abbey wrote Desert Solitaire, he did more than write a great novel. He exposed the horrifying environmental issues in the large state parks. This gave the public knowledge of the depletion of the parks natural predators and resources. And if the public knows about these events, then it becomes easier to try and fix the problems. Edward Abbey was a pioneer in environmental protection, he had served the country his entire life. First, for the military, then, for the Unites States National Park Service. Also, he wrote for the better of the country by exposing bad environmental issues.

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